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EEG Cap- for Cup Electrodes

EEG Cap- for Cup Electrodes

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    *This cap is an innovation of TENOCOM. The  cap helps you to reduce 20 EEG electrodes set-up time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes very easily.
    *The design of the cap is based on Ergonomics and Computer 3D aided modeling technology. The cap is comfortable for patients to wear, for the design is based on head features.
   *It suits for people of all age.
   *The raw material of the cap is medical grade elastic silicone which can reduce the pressure pain. 
   *It suits for long-term monitoring, especially for ICU service.
   *It is used for EEG and PSG study.
   *It is unnecessary to measure the electrode position, for the cap is based on 10-5, 10-10 and 10-20 international position system.
   *Each model corresponds to a color, easy to distinguish, more friendly.


Model according to head circumference

International system of electrode placement

 20 channes


32 channels


64 channels